We believe marriage is a wonderful gift from God that illustrates His love for His bride--the Church. Marriage helps give us a glimpse of God’s love and this belief comes out in our work. Your wedding photos will serve as a witness of your commitment to each other, before witnesses and before God. We pretty much always work together, so you get the best of both our strengths in photography and cinematography.

Expect lots of kissing, more kissing, smiles (we love smiles), sunshine, rainbows and no crying babies... ok, seriously though, we can’t promise you the perfect day but we try our hardest to make it that way. What you can expect from us is that we will go the extra mile.

  • We love capturing the emotions and personalities of people. Our goal is to take images that are genuine. In capturing images we like to use “games” to help you relax in front of the camera and make it easier to create images that are authentic.
  • We love stories, and photos are a powerful way to tell your story. A beautiful portrait is more than just a photograph, the meaning and stories behind it are what give it value.

On August 20th, 2013, we were engaged & got married 3 months later on November 16th! Our thought was once we decided to get married, why wait? Life's been crazy ever since, but we don't regret it at all! We love doing life together. Marriage is so incredible and would be honoured to capture your special day.



I inherited a love of images from two photographers, my Grandfather and my Aunt, and turned it into a love for filmmaking. I started a movie production company with my dad in 2006 making educational films for kids and we are now making feature films. I love a good picture and I love my family.


I’m blessed to have grown up in a family that values marriage. My parents have demonstrated to me the importance of staying dedicated to each other and both my grandparents meant it when they committed to each other forever. I am so thankful for their faithfulness in keeping the commitment they made years ago.